STFU Bike is a collaboration between two aussie mates living in Whistler, Canada.

Chris Kovarik is a multiple world cup downhill winner, still holding the biggest winning margin in DH racing history of 14 seconds against 2nd place Cedric Gracia at Fort William in 2002. Chris has put his bikes and equipment to the test and continues to do so. After many years of fine tuning his machines, he began to search for ways to eliminate noise. After 7 years of experimenting with zip ties, velcro, strips of rubber, PVC piping, rubber O-rings and other materials he could find, the idea for our STFU devices was born.

Jaan Hurditch and Chris met in Australia riding and racing DH bikes in the early 2000’s. Jaan is a mechanical engineer who has worked in the motorsports and mountain bike industry designing components for Vorsprung Suspension in Whistler among others. Jaan and Chris got talking about Chris's quest to shut his bikes up and a new concept he had been working on over a beer at the GLC in Whistler one summer afternoon in 2018.

One 3D printer, a bunch of CAD and prototypes, 2 seasons in whistler bike park and this is the end result.

We hope you like it as much as we do.

The complete range of STFU drivetrain damping devices are designed to keep your bike running quiet and efficient while minimizing wear. Cheers.  

Designed and tested right here in Whister BC, Canada